Burnham Orchards & Grandma Bea's Bakery

Peach Picking

Pick Your Own Peaches for 2017 :
Is Closed for the Season Thanks To All that Came Out!

We Say the Peach is the Queen of Fruit So they must be handled as such!

The peach originated in China around 10 B.C. The fruit was mentioned in Chinese writings during that time as a favorite fruit of emperors. Greek philosopher Theophrastus named the fruit “peach” around 300 B.C. because he thought the fruit was native to Persia. In actuality, Persians brought peaches from China and introduced them to the Romans.

White peaches are very sweet with low acidity.They tend to have a smoother texture than yellow peaches. White peaches are the preferred variety in Asia and are increasingly available in the U.S. They are great for fresh eating, canning, poaching, and all types of baking.

Yellow peaches are a variety of peach that are slightly more acidic than their white peach counterpart. They have a single stone, or pit, in the center of a bright yellow-flesh. Yellow peaches are great for fresh eating, canning, sauces, and any baking recipe

Quick Tips

-Make sure when coming to pick your own peaches, please stop into our Farm Market to sign in and receive baskets for picking as well as the picking details.

We provide baskets and wagons.

When coming to pick your own peaches, be sure to bring cold beverages or you can purchase drinks inside our market, as typically picking season is very hot. Dress according to the weather forecast of the day and wear shoes that are comfortable and are okay to get wet or dirty as the orchards may be muddy and wet if there had been rain.

Tips for your peaches when you get home spread the fruit out on towels or newspapers and separate any mushy or damaged fruit to use immediately. Put a couple of days supply into the fridge, wash and cut the others and freeze them up! Even under ideal conditions peaches will only keep for a week in a refrigerator, so for best flavor and texture, use them as soon as possible after purchase