Burnham Orchards & Grandma Bea's Bakery

Cherry Picking

 2017 Sweet Cherries BEGINS 6/28/2017

Will last as long as there is Cherries on the Trees, SO come on soon…
Please Call before you come if your looking to pick over the weekend 7/1 and 7/2

Also Available Inside Our Farm Market

we still are not sure when , please check back at the end of week June 20th please
Cherry Trees in Bloomdownload (1)

One of the most beautiful signs of spring is the flowering of the cherry tree, promising luscious fruit in a matter of a short few months.

When picking cherries you want to choose the ones that are ripe, they will be red, dark red or mahogany to almost black in color. They should be firm, round to heart shape.

Sweet cherries are excellent eaten fresh, cut into salads, or placed in your favorite dessert.