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Apple Picking

Pick Your Own Apples During The Week is no longer available do to the fantasic turn out of school tours and customers! However, we do have just one more weekend available for pick your own! October 29th and 30th is the LAST two days for PICK YOUR OWN APPLES 9-5  Scroll Down For Varieties.


ONLY Weekend Pick Your Own:  13001 Andress Rd 9-5.

  • Select firm, bruise-free apples.  The color can be anything from dark green, to yellow, pink, orange, bright red, dark red or even a combination.  It all depends on the variety.  And color is not really how you tell when an apple is ripe. Apples should be crisp and firm.
  • Apples ripen from the outside of the tree towards the center, so the apples out the outside of the tree will ripen first.  Picking apples directly from a tree is easy. Roll the apple upwards off the branch and give a little twist; don’t pull straight away from the tree. If two apples are joined together at the top, both will come away at the same time. Don’t shake the trees or branches.  If the apple you are trying to pick drops, (or others on the tree) go ahead and pick it up. They’re perfectly fine!

Pick your own apples will be from 9-5.
2016 Pick Your Own Apples
Some varieties maybe available in limited quantities.
Some varieties may vary according to weather conditions.

October 29th & 30th **Upon Availability**
Andress Road: Fuji, Suncrisp, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith –
These are $18.00 ½ Bushel  Located on Andress Road Just East of Market Cash ONLY

Behind the Farm Market: Few Melrose and Golden Delicious