Burnham Orchards & Grandma Bea's Bakery

Apple Variety Chart


Burnham Orchard Apple Variety Chart

Variety Flavor Color Texture Eating Season Pie Sauce Baking
Lodi Tart Green Tender Fair July Excellent Excellent Not
Paula Red Tangy Red/Green Tender Good Aug-Sept Excellent Excellent Not
Ginger Gold Sweet/Tart Green/Yellow, sometimes with blush Crisp Excellent Aug-Sept Good Good Good
Sansa Sweet Red/Orange Bright Firm Excellent Aug Good Not Recommended Not
Gala Sweet Red, Orange, Yellow stripes Crisp Excellent Aug-Nov Excellent Not
Golden Supreme Sweet Yellow Crisp Excellent Sept Good Good Excellent
McIntosh Tangy Red and Green Tender Excellent Sept -Jan Good Good Good
Honeycrisp Sweet/tart Mottled Red over a Yellow background Crisp Excellent Sept-Dec Good Fair Not
Cortland Tart Red & Green Tender Excellent Sept-Oct Excellent Excellent Excellent
Jonathon Spicy/Tangy Mostly Red over slight Green or Yellow Less firm Excellent Sept-Dec Excellent Good Excellent
Red Delicious Sweet Striped to solid Red Crisp Excellent Sept-May Fair Not Recommended Good
Empire Sweet/tart Mostly Red over slight Green or Yellow Crisp Excellent Sept-May Excellent Excellent Good
Jonagold Sweet Red over Yellow Firm Excellent Sept-Nov Excellent Good Excellent
Golden Delicious Sweet Yellow/Green Crisp Excellent Sept-May Good Good Excellent
Melrose Mild Red over
Crisp Excellent Oct-April Good Good Excellent
Suncrisp Sweet Yellow with blush Crisp Excellent Oct-Jan Good Good Fair
Stayman-Winesap Spicy Red Firm Good Oct-April Good Good Excellent
Candycrisp Sweet Yellow Crisp Excellent Oct-Nov Fair Fair Fair
Granny Smith Tart Green, occasional Pink blush Crisp Good Oct-Feb Excellent Not
Fuji Sweet/Spicy Red blush, Green/Yellow Stripes Firm Excellent Oct-May Excellent Not Recommended Good
Gold Rush Tart/Spicy Yellow Crisp Excellent Nov-Mar Excellent Excellent Excellent
Pink Lady Sweet/tart Red with Green blush Hard/Crisp Excellent Nov-Mar Good Not